Have a Killer Friday the 13th!

Today begins a week of freebies and announcements from the Bad Apples Crew (Jason Parent, Evans Light, Adam Light, Gregor Xane, and myself, Edward Lorn). To kick off this event, the first Cruelty Omnibus (Episodes 1-5) is free. Yes, the whole thing. A novel's worth of material free, free, FREE! I might possibly be crazy...


Furthermore, my fellow Bad Apples buddies will be giving away stuffs over the next five days. Keep your ear to the ground for future freebies, as I will be posting them as they drop. Feel free to share everything I post. The more the merrier. 


Tomorrow is going to be a very special Valentine's Day. 


Click on the cover image below to grab your free book today!


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and the bitch is back

So why the hell is this site so confusing now?

I have to hit publish 15 times before it does it. 

And who are these people I'm following already!?


Could be the beers I had. Nah


Anyways. Scarlet it's your fault! 


Ps I'm bringing monkeys